Tuesday, August 19, 2014


OMG! Memebox is doing a Princess edition of memeboxes! WHAT?! If you grew up liking disney princess like me then you should defintely have to have this box. If you haven't signed up for memebox you can sign up here and get 2 meme points.

Princess Edition #1

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all? You, with the Snow White Box, of course!

The cooler months spell for the perfect time to brighten up skin, even out uneven complexions, and target pesky dark spots! Whatever shade of the rainbow your skin color is, optimize your skin’s radiance and clarity for luminous, glowing skin.

Now that summer is coming to its end, lay off the bakin’ and pull out our ultra-brightening and super potent Snow White Box! Discover Princess Snow White's ultimate secret to beautifully bright skin that made her a beauty legend! 

Princess Editon # 2

When you need more than a kiss from a prince to break your beauty spell… use our Sleeping Beauty Box!

Break out of your beauty rut and pamper yourself in the PM for an instant beauty transformation! Revitalize dull and tired-looking skin with ultra-moisturizing, and super nutritious formulas to lock in hydration and essential vitamins and minerals! Give yourself the ultimate skin care therapy with beauty goodies that retexturize, repair, and renew skin for petal-soft, radiant skin the next morning!

Don’t fall asleep on your beauty potential, but jump start your beauty with this Sleeping Beauty Box! Transform your skin with the right overnight products – and without the wait.

Princess Edition # 3

Rapunzel has got the best hair in fairy tale history, and so we’ve created this box to share the secrets to her healthy, glowing locks! Arm yourself with this Rapunzel Box, and you’ll have all the pro tools for glossier, bouncier hair, a healthier scalp, and a more manageable mane!

Do hair the Rapunzel way, and bad hair days will cease to be an issue.

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This is exciting news everybody coz MEMEBOX is doing a JACKPOT BOX this coming Friday so I suggest you sign up if you haven't already and you can get 2 meme point as a bonus for signing up here.

This is basically a mystery box that you would be ale to buy for $32 and there is a chance that you could receive the 1st prize box which contains $1000 worth of memebox goodies and there will be multiple 2nd through 10th place boxes. The minumum promised value of the box you will receive is worth $60 so its a bargain for both sides.

There will be 1st place to 9th place winners. Everyone will be guaranteed to receive at least $155 worth of products for only $32! Even better, there are many boxes for higher place, so it is easy to get high-value products. Good luck for everyone!

If your not interested on taking a chance here you can check out other memebox referral only deals and coupon codes for other memeboxes that might peek your interest on my previous post.

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This program only available from Jul 31, 2014 to Aug 30, 2014

Sign up and get 2 meme points right away.

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