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Memebox Collaboration #9 Soothing Sista Unboxing Review

This is one of three Memeboxes that I picked up during the review sale they had a few weeks back even before they stopped international shipping. I really love this box that I had to get it again during the restocks. 

Box Description
Soothing Sista Knows how to rock a look. Most often found on the streets of San Francisco, she is taking the Youtube world by storm with her skincare, makeup and fashion tutorials. Showcasing looks for the edgier goddess in you, Soothing Sista, isn't afraid to take a risk. She'shand-picked hottest skincare and makeup products of the month straight from Korea, which we're sure you'll love.

Here is the info card
Vicioni Super Aqua Soothing Serum
Full size 30ml $29
What I think so far...
I like that this is free from carbomer, silicon, artificial ingredients, and chemical preservatives. This has a very light scent smells citrusy to me, and it has a liquid texture to it. It absorbs fairly quickly to my skin and felt like my skin was really hydrated throughout the day.
Shara Shara Miracle Capsule Cream
Full size 50ml $18
What I think so far...
This is a gel cream that's is very moisturizing and I think this would really work well with oily skin in winter time. It takes a while to absorb through the skin though but it doesn't feel sticky at all which I really like. The scent is the same as Shara Shara respcargo cream I got from Memebox Christmas box.
REVECEN Blooming Collagentox Sleeping Water Pack
Full size 90ml $18
What I think so far...
This is my favorite of all from this box. I always wanted to try anything with bird's nest. This smells so nice like oranges and berries and has a liquid to creamy consistency. It makes my skin soft and really moisturized all night and even after the next day when I wake up. I LOVE THIS SLEEPING PACK! ^.^
Dewytree Deep Detox Black Mask
Full size 1ea $3
What I think so far...
I like that the mask it was really soaked with essence and the mask fabric is thick enough and really covered my whole face with exception to the nose area. The essence had a thick consistency that 20mins was not enough to soak it all in, and that I ended up not putting on moisturizer and sleeping pack after using this. My face was felt really moisturized after but also felt sticky although when I woke in the morning it was all soaked up by my skin already. The only thing I noticed that it did to my skin was moisturize and my skin felt revitalized the day after using it.
Tony Moly Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm
Full size 30g $11
What I think so far...
This sound like the Lailly Steam pore pack I got from another Memebox. When I tried this I find that this can easily be spread out the skin not like the Lailly. I cant say much with black heads as I mostly have white heads and sebaceous filaments at that time but it definitely removed some of my whiteheads, and the skin felt soft and smooth when I rinsed it out. Surprisingly, this doesn't feel hot on the skin during application like the Lailly which surprised as it says steam on the label.
Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Primer Essence
Full size 20 ml $11
What I think so far...
I have used this only once this is not like any primer I have tried as it feels more like a cream than a primer. I find that it helps with sebum control but I don't think its effective enough to cover my pores 
VIVITO Painting Matte Finish Lipstick in Red Ribbon
Full size $30
What I think so far...
This lipstick looks matte when you apply it on your lips but it's not very drying at all! I really love it! Lip swatch below. ^.^
I really enjoyed trying out everything in this box this is my favorite box in all of the collaboration boxes they curated with Youtubers. The box value is $120 and I only paid $29.99 inclusive of shipping already. I really miss the curation of Memeboxes like this and not like now with the USA only boxes which are more expensive and also not tempting me at all in terms of curation.

If your interested in buying through Memebox please feel free to use my affiliate link here. And thank you so much if you did. ^.^
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Beautuque Head to Toe Pink Bag Review

I received this Beauteque Head to Toe Pink bag in exchange for my 100% honest review. I am sorry that I am posting this late since it was announced on Feb 14 I got the bag a little late this month, but since late is better than never, here is my review for this month's Head to Toe bag. ^.^ This bag is not a subscription bag service but you can purchase this separately whenever you want and how many you want until the end of February 2015. You can purchase it here and it costs $25 + shipping which varies on your location if you are in the USA, Canada, and Europe. You can find out more about Beauteque here.
Bag description
The Bag Of Love...
You don't need to visit the city of love when the bag of love is waiting for you at your doorstep! Fall in love with the bag of love, this month. filled with pink treats from us to you. Glam yourself with our Head to Toe Pink bag, which includes a variety of beauty productsperfect for an afternoon out with friends, or a night out with that special someone!
The Beauteque Team

I am loving the bag design this month its very fitting for a Valentine's theme bag.
Here is what I got in my Pink bag! ^.^
Hada Senka by Shiseido Lotion 
Full size $15.95
What i think so far...
I have never tried anything from Shiseido before so I am really excited to get this. I have tried it already on my hands and its very lightweight my skin absorbs it right away and its very moisturizing. From what I know about this products is that it has hyaluronic acid and royally jelly and that this is used as a moisturizer in the winter months for dry skin, but since its lightweight I think I can still use this on my oily skin.

It's skin Capsule Wash-off Mask (Elasticity)
Sample size $2.50 ea
What I think so far...
I have seen and heard of this wash off masks but I have never tried it, this particular type is to help with elasticity and moisture of the skin and its made of pomegranate and shea butter. I am looking on trying this out soon! ^.^

Etude House Sleeping Spoon Cream (Rosehip)
Full size $3.95
What I think so far...
Although this is a one time use only product this is technically full size as this is how Etude House are selling this sleeping pack cream. This contains extracts from rosehip, lavander, chamomile and mint and its said to provide hydration to the skin overnight. I love the brand Etude House and I have been meaning to try this out for some time so I am really happy in getting it wish that they included more than one though! ^.^
Femme Couture Highlighting Luminizer
Full size $11.55
What I think so far...
I have heard the brand name before I think from other beauty subscription boxes but I personally haven't tried this brand before. And since its a highlighter/luminizer I was expecting a cream consistency but I was surprised that it was runny when I opened it, and it turns out you have to shake it before opening and so I ended up with a mess on my hands (picture below). But I think even though you shake it before opening the consistency of the products was still runny, and it such a pain to squeeze out the product without making a mess. I think package wise they should have opted for a bottle with a brush like what Benefit did with the high beam. The product was glittery pink and it gives you a subtle glow on the cheekbones. I like it but I think I need to transfer it to somewhere else before I can use it to avoid making a mess.
Blending Sponge
Full size $15.95
What I think so far...
I love that they included this on the bag I have been needing another blending sponge I have one that I bought from target and I think this is a little smaller than that which is great for reaching on the corners of the nose and under eye area. although this is a lot more pricier than my target one I am hoping that it performs way better. ^.^

Tony Moly Mascara
Full size $6.50
What I think so far...
I have never tried any Tony Moly mascaras before so I excited to try this. Mascaras should be changed once they dry out so I usually don't invest too much money on them so I am happy to get this as a backup when my current one dries out.

Tony Moly Auto Lip Liner
Full size $7.25
What I think so far...
I love lip liner that don't need sharpening and I am loving this nude brownish pink shade (swatch below and also a picture of me wearing it on my lips) 

 I am loving the curation of this bag its a mixture of skincare pampering pre-date night and also makeup essentials for a date night look. And since I am single this is still perfect for gals like me when they wanna pamper themselves also and wanna look great with simple makeup look. ^.^ The overall value of the bag is around $66 which is not bad considering your only paying $26+shipping. I can't wait in what Beauteque has in store for next month's Head to Toe bag!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Beauteque February 2015 BB Bag Review

 I received this bag free in exchange for my 100% honest review.The BB bag is a subscription bag where you will receive 7 full sized luxury products with at total value of $65-85 in each bag. The products are a combination of beauty, skincare and lifestyle products. They ship anywhere in the USA, Canada, and Europe. 
You can subscribe the monthly bag here.
Each bag costs:
$24 + shipping for 1 month or for 3 months subscriptions
$23 + shipping  for 6 months subscriptions
$22 + shipping for 12 months subscriptions
Shipping charges:
$3.95 for USA
$5.95 for Canada
$8.95 for Europe

Here is what I got for February BB Bag. I like the bag for this month its very classy looking and you get to put a lot of things inside.
Bag Description
Hello Beauty,
Have we got a sweetheart deal for you this month with these products! You will fall in love with this collection of beauty goodies-consider it the heart-shaped box of chocolates you'll give your skin and hair this Valentine's Day!
XO, The Beauteque Team
A'pieu NonCo Tea Tree Emulsion
Full size $12.99
What I think so far...
I like tea tree my acne prone skin loves it so I am looking forward I trying this with my LJH tea tree essence. This has a slightly strong scent of tea tree but it doesn't bother me at all, it disappears after application. The emulsion is slightly sticky after application though but when I layer it with my Etude House Light Face Conditioning Cream it takes away the stickiness. I think this helped out with some of my hormonal breakouts at the moment so will definitely keep on using it.
E Choice Ceramide Cream
Full size $14.99
There are two options for this either Peptide of Ceramide and I choose the latter. I like multi-purpose products like this which functions as a softener, lotion and cream. This said to contain Ceramide which acts as a glue that holds the skin cells together, so replenishing is a way to protect the skin, help it act and look younger. Upon application this is slightly sticky but under my Etude House Light Face Conditoning Cream the stickiness also disappwars. So far I think this makes my skin firmer but will continue using it to see if I really like it.
NextBeau Wrinkle and Daylight and Hue Arbutin Essence Mask
Set of 2 sheet masks 
Full size $5
What I think so far...
I love getting sheet masks as they are my favorite facial treatment and I do it as often as I can. I have tried the NextBeau mask and I really liked it very moisturizing and after using it I felt firmer skin and I like that it doesn't have a sticky residue after. I used the NextBeau mask together with the Etude House eye mask.
Étude House Collagen Eye Patch
Full size $3.99
What I think so far...
I like the eye mask its well soaked with the essence and also it help with the puffiness and also moisturize my under eye area.

Above picture is before appplication and below picture is after application.
Hair Spa Towel
Full size $9.99
I love getting useful accessories from my BB bags last month it was an eyes mask and this month its a hair towel. It's very useful when you don't wanna use a regular towel for drying your hair. You can also use this when you apply hair masks or just want you hair out of the way when you just got off the shower. 
It's skin Mango White Lip and Eye remover
Full size $5
What I think so far...
I really love the scent of this tissue wipes they smell of a sweet mango with a floral scent. Although the quality of the tissue paper is really thin compared to some wipes that I have tried, it still does it's job of cleaning my face, but I haven't used this when removing my makeup yet so will see how it does.
Tony Moly Petit Art Mist
Romantic Pink
Full size $12
What I think so far...
This has a very light floral scent and since its like a body mist, the scent doesn't last that long. I am really not a fan of body mist but I can still use this at work where I don't like wear my perfumes so this would be perfect for that.
Skinfood Black Bean Eye Brow Pencil Brown
Full size $11
What I think so far...
I love eyebrow pencils that are retractable and have a spoolie at the end I know I will be using this now that I have used up my previous eyebrow pencil. So far, I am really loving this very light color so don't have to worry of applying too much and it blends well on my eyebrow color.
I found things in this bag that I really found useful for my everyday life so I am satisfied in terms of contents. But I think the curation of the bag is a bit all over the place when I think of Valentines and giving yourself pampering like what the description of this bag is describing, I think of things that would pamper my skin. I was thinking of maybe sleeping packs, wash-off /mud masks, hair treatment masks, nail masks, foot masks, and bath bombs, things that you can do to treat yourself and feel and look great after.

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FEEDURPASSION'S Beauty Trend Predictions for 2015

Long story short I was exposed to the Korean culture through listening to Kpop and watching Korean dramas over the years since I was in highschool, I always adored the actresses and female singers because of their flawless skin and makeup. When I was still living in the Philippines, an Étude House store (Sandara from 2NE1 was endorsing the brand back then) opened at our nearest mall and that's when I first tried my BB cream which then made me a forever fan of Korean cosmetics.

One of the first music videos of BIGBANG I saw (although some are J-POP). Love at first sight with GD! <3 ^.^ And yes I am listening to BIGBANG while I write this blogpost! LOL!

When Dara was still the face of Etude House

 And since moving here in the USA I haven't had access to Korean cosmetics, until I found out about Memebox through  YouTube that now lead me in knowing other great Korean cosmetic subscription companies or resellers like Beauteque, TesterKorea, Beautynetkorea, Peach and Lily, Wishtrend, the3bbox, and etc. I have seen past beauty trends from Korea being carried over to the western brands when BB creams came into the US market. Now beauty innovations that started from Asia especially from Korea are making their way to US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. I think the year 2015 would be a big start for Korean cosmetics and I have the top 3 beauty trends that I think will be a big hit on the market this year.

1. Sheet masks 
Sheet masks are basically made of cotton or fibers that are pre-cut into a shape that will fit the whole face, it is also soaked with various liquid formulations specifically for treating different skin concerns or problems. Sheet masks are my favorite facial treatment nowadays as they provide hydration, nourishment and repair to my skin without having the to go to a spa or without requiring any tools to use.

I have seen sheet mask appear everywhere recently like When and Dr. Jart masks appear on previous Birchboxes, Sephora now has their own brand sheet masks available and even Forever21 are selling a variety of Purederm sheet masks on their stores. And also I saw an IPSY spoiler over the weekend where they included Hada Labo sheet masks for some ipsy subscribers this month. It's only a matter of time when sheet masks would be a staple beauty product. 

Image source (Birchbox Instagram)
Image source (My Subscription Box Addiction blog)
Image source (IPSY Instagram)

These are just an example of the variety of sheet masks out in the Asian market right now. There are even foot masks, neck masks, eye masks, lip masks and nail masks. 
Face Sheet Masks
Image source (TesterKorea)
Foot Mask
Image source (Beauteque)
Neck mask
Image Source (Beauteque)

Eye Mask
Image source (Beauteque)
Lip mask
Image Source (TesterKorea)
Nail mask
Image Source (Beauteque)

2. BB/CC cushion compacts
With BB creams and CC creams being a big hit in the cosmetics market in the past year, that even drugstore brands like Maybelline up to high end brands like Laura Mercier have their own BB or CC creams in their product line up. But Korea is already ahead of the BB and CC cream game when they released( if am not mistaken 2 years ago) BB / CC cushions which became a popular hit in Asia. Cushion compacts are designed to carry BB/CC cream in a saturated sponge which are then applied with puffs for controlled application, resulting to luminous and sheer application of the product. And this trend is slowly making its way to the western market like Laneige now available in Target stores nationwide and I remember receiving a sample when I went to Generation Beauty last summer. 

I have seen other makeup brands create their own BB cushion like Mally Beauty, It Cosmetics, Pur cosmetics and now even Lancôme. It just a matter of time when BB/CC cushions will saturate the USA Market. 

These are some examples of CC cushions that are really popular in Korea right now.

Hera UV Mist Cushion
Image Source (TesterKorea)

Iope Air Cushion
Image Source (TesterKorea)

Étude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion
Image Source (BeautyNetKorea)

INNISFREE Ampoule Intense Cushion
Image Source (Innisfree World)

3. Interestingly unique ingredients in skincare such as bee and snayke venom, snail mucus, birds nest extract, and a lot more.

Korean skincare is well known for very outrageous ingredients in their skin care. I have come across this products through purchasing from Memebox and Beauteque. I have personally tried bee venom and snail mucus to be very moisturizing and gentle on my skin. These kind of things would take awhile for the western market to adapt into as they would appear bizarre to some at first, but to some people that loves to try out things out of their comfort zone (like me) would enjoy digging into this.

Bee Venom and Synake Venom
Both are known to reduce skin pigmentation, reduce signs of aging, improve skin texture and are gentle enough for sensitive skin. It can be upsetting to other people about extracting bee venom from bees but it's perfectly safe from what I have read on some articles. As for Synake venom its a syntethic formula that mimics the effect of snake venom, which is why it's used as a Botox alternative.

Nature Republic Bee Venom Toner
Image Source (Beauteque)
Secret Key Synake Anti-Wrinkle and Whitening Cream
Image Source (TesterKorea)

Snail Mucus
Extract from snail mucus which is very moisturizing and really gentle on sensitive skin.
Mizon Snail Repair Perfect Cream
Image Source (Beautynetkorea)

Missha Siper Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask
Image Source (Beauteque)

Birds Nest
Yes you are reading correctly bird's nest specifically the swallow's nest , they are harvested carefully in swallow farms found in Asia. It is said to help fight the signs of aging by promoting cell growth and repair. 
HOLIKAHOLIKA Prime Youth Bird's Nest Gold Leaf Cream
Image Source (TesterKorea)

My Beauty Diary Imperial Bird's Nest Mask
Image Source (Beauteque)

Which of this trends will you try or have tried already? How did you liked them?

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And I wanted to end with my favorite GD song and music video! ^.^ Hope you enjoy my post and have a great day!