Wednesday, June 3, 2015

First Impression Review Too Faced Born This Way Liquid Foundation

I got this new foundation at the Too Faced booth in the shade Light Beige. I have the skin tone of C3 with Mac Studio fix Foundation and 125 in Maybelline foundation so you get a better idea of my skin tone in comparison to your own.
This new foundation is said to launch late June as I was told in the event and they have 12 diffrent shades all in all. Its said that this contains coconut water, alpine rose, and hyaluronic acid. Although those ingredients are the selling point of the product, they appear in the middle to the last in the ingredients list which could indicate that it may or may not have a major impact to the formulation of the product. I am not a cosmetics ingredients expert its just a hypothesis I came up when I saw the ingredients list. Here is the Cosdna analysis of the ingredients indicated on the box.
The texture of the foundation is somewhat viscous but light enough that when you blend it in your skin it doesn't feel like you have a mask on that your skin can't breath because its very lightweight.
Bare face with only moisturizer and sunscreen on.
With the foundation on.
Finished make up look above and below I put my MAC studofix powder foundation on top of this.
I would say this foundation gives a natural coverage to the skin, although I don't think it was adequate enough in blurring out my pores. As for coverage I don't think its a full coverage foundation at all I would say only medium coverage since I still used my Mac studio fix powder foundation to blur out some of my blemishes on the cheek and chin areas. Also I never experienced any caking at all and it's very easy to build up from light to medium coverage only though. As for the longevity of the product on my face, I have super oily skin so I find that after 3 hours of application I was already really oily even with my primer on, so I say this is not great for super oily skin types like mine. I don't think this would be an ideal summer foundation for me.


  1. Beautiful! The coverage is great, i love anything too faced! Might have to buy now! Thanks!

  2. I am actually wondering about your lipcolor! It is gorgeous on you!