Tuesday, August 19, 2014


This is exciting news everybody coz MEMEBOX is doing a JACKPOT BOX this coming Friday so I suggest you sign up if you haven't already and you can get 2 meme point as a bonus for signing up here.

This is basically a mystery box that you would be ale to buy for $32 and there is a chance that you could receive the 1st prize box which contains $1000 worth of memebox goodies and there will be multiple 2nd through 10th place boxes. The minumum promised value of the box you will receive is worth $60 so its a bargain for both sides.

There will be 1st place to 9th place winners. Everyone will be guaranteed to receive at least $155 worth of products for only $32! Even better, there are many boxes for higher place, so it is easy to get high-value products. Good luck for everyone!

If your not interested on taking a chance here you can check out other memebox referral only deals and coupon codes for other memeboxes that might peek your interest on my previous post.

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