Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Feedurpassion's Beauty Splurge Report: My TesterKorea Online ShoppingExperience

I been meaning to post this for a while now but haven't gotten to because of the holidays and I got flooded with Memebox Unboxing also that am slowly trying to catch up. ^.^ I ordered this from TesterKorea which is a company base in Korea and they sell a lot of Korean cosmetics and also cosmetics samples in their website. They were having a 30% thanksgiving sale so I went and bought all this stuff all this stuff. I will link the items in my haul that are still available in TK website.
Order date: Nov 26 2014
Shipping Date via Regular mail: Dec 4 2014
Shipping charge: $11
Received: Dec 20 2014 (16 days)

Mizon King Berry's Mask Sheet
Wanted to try this masks so I got some and I will be posting reviews for this soon here on my blog. ^.^

Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel liner Kit Be Brown
Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel liner Mini set
I don't see this sets available in TesterKorea now but this have beautiful colors and they are really waterproof and really hard to come off, this is really perfect for my oily eyelids! ^.^

I wanted a brow mascara but I didn't wanna break the bank in buying one so I got this and really helps a lot in shaping my brows and blends the color to the hair to make it seem fuller.

Swatches are BE101, BE102 and OR202 from left to right.
This lippies are really pigmented and moisturizing on the lips. Be careful and do not leave this at a very high temperature storage as judging from the texture of the product this would melt under extreme heat like if you leave it in your car during the summer. 

I love the color of both the eye shadows they are really pigmented and has a smooth texture on application haven't played much with this but I am looking forward to it ^.^

I really love the concept that you can transfer your existing BB creams and foundations into this cushion pact without having to buy a made cushion which contains very little product and costs around $24-$100 depending on the brand. I saw an illustration on how to use it below.

So since my Second TesterKorea Mini Haul arrived also today I thought why not combine all of it into one post! ^.^ I made this second purchase through a blogger SampleHime which is a really nice and she has a Facebook group here where we order through her business account with TK and we get 35% off on Brand sale every year as long as we maintain a certain amount each month we keep the business status. Anyway its a really easy way to save more all year round with shopping on TK, anyone can join even bloggers, korean beauty lovers and etc, so be sure to check it out the next time your gonna wanna buy from TK. ^.^ I will just link the products on my haul below if it's still available on the website.
Order date: Dec 26 2015
Shipping date via Regular mail: Jan 8 2015
Shipping charge: around $13
Received: I was already here Jan 23 but I was not home so they had to redeliver Jan 28 so around 15 days.
Originally I was gonna try thr black sugar scrub from Skinfood but they were out of stock so SampleHime suggested me this instead I like ordering from her coz she will give you insights on what to buy and which is better to buy for your skin type.
I have just recently been doing the double cleansing step on my skincare routine so I was really curious on trying this one out! ^.^
I have been trying to find a makeup remover that doesnt involve me scrubbing my face with a wipe something gentle enough, and I heard great things about this product with removing makeup and since this is a balm it will be perfect for traveling.
I have oily skin and I was in search of a light moisturizer so when Samplehime sugested it to me I said Hell yeah! I was so excited to receive this product not only is it a moisturizer but it has SPF as well! Hitting two birds with one stone! ^.^ This smells amazing by the way and it absorbs into a matte finish.
It's Skin Facial Solution Water Mist
I wanted to try a mist surprisingly with all the memeboxes I bought I only got one I bought this as I wanted to try and mix my Blithe sample packets into my mists and bring it with me at work. I work away from home so I think that would help as I don't have time for a sheet mask.
I wanted to get a finishing powder that an withstand my oily skin this would be really handy especially this coming summer. ^.^
These are the samples I got the Nature California Aloe Sunblock is a gift from SampleHime this was in her favorites of 2014 blogpost and she highly recommends them if you have oily skin. 
PS I forgot to post my little friend here which is so cute! I already used this on cutting my brows that's why it got separated from the group. I can't seem to find it on the TK webiste at the moment.
Etude House Eyebrow Scissors

 I am very pleased with my online shopping from TesterKorea and I will sure be ordering again from them soon. They mark their goods as gift written fancy goods amounting to $20 so I think you are safe in ordering from them no matter where you are and if your concerned with the customs fees. And I do think you can instruct them on specific shipping details if you have any when you order from them. I live in the USA so I don't have much problems when it comes to customs.

Disclosure: This post contains external links to other sites. All the items in this post are all paid for by me unless otherwise specified.


  1. I just got the Meme Hydrogel Masks too!!! I haven't tried them yet. I just reviewed the Skinfood Glacier mask today and LOVED IT!!! I LOVE your blog!!! So FULL OF MEME!!! :D :D :D <3 <3 <3

  2. OMG Also LOVING those EYESHADOWS, liners, and lipsticks!!! OH NO!!! :D :D :D

    1. I enable you! LOL! thank you for visiting! ^.^ Am still working on some product reviews at the moment I wanna take my time with those.

  3. HA HA That's okay!!! :D :D :D We enable each other!!!! HA HA HA HA I LIKE THAT MY Cushiion cutie!!! Very cool concept!!! I am also SOOOOOO loving the packaging on those lipsticks!!! <3 < 3 <3. Yes definitely take your time with those!!! :D. I will look forward to your reviews!!!

  4. could you do lip swatches of the be etude lipstick shades? i love the colors but beiges tend to look really different on lips. thanks!