Sunday, October 12, 2014

First Impression: Real Chemistry Luminous 3 - Minute Peel

So I recently started my Birchbox subscription and I was browsing in Instagram when I stumble upon a post that says you can get 3 free samples of the trial size of this and that you just have to pay for shipping for like $6. So I went to Real Chemistry website check out 3 of the trail sizes and put the code FREESAMPLES. I received the package a week after. I am not sure if this promo is still available up to now but it's worth the shot.

So how does this product work? According to the website, the peel is a “Protein Peel”. It will remove large amounts of excess, dead epidermal cells in seconds. As the synergistic blend of ingredients is gently massaged into the skin, solids form under the fingertips. These are a combination of the peel’s protein-binding ingredients and epidermal protein. 99.5% of consumers who tested the product and have experience with dermabrasion and acid peels, reported that the Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel was as effective or more effective, but did not irritate the skin like other methods. This protein peel leaves the skin velvety soft and resurfaced after just one use. Resurfacing is recommended at least once per week for most skin types. The product claims to help with controlling acne breakouts, diminishing dark spots, reducing ingrown hair, evening skin tone, brightening complexion, smoothing and resurfacing skin texture. 

Here is an idea of how long the peel may last in your situation:

Ingrown hair (face, bikini): Daily right before shaving (small amount, small area)
Tube life: ~4-5 weeks

Acne: Peel 2-3 times per week
Tube life: ~ 6 weeks

Hyperpigmentation: Peel 1-2 times per week
Tube life: ~7 weeks

Rosacea: Peel 1 time per week
Tube life: ~ 12-15 weeks

Dry Skin: Peel 1 time per week
Tube life: ~12-15 weeks

Oily Skin: Peel twice per week
Tube life: ~6-7 weeks

Sensitive Skin: Peel once every 10 days
Tube life: ~ 4-5 months

I got the 3 tubes of the trial size which is 5ml each tube which I think you can get 2-3 uses from one tube. The consistency of the product is a clear gel and it is easily spreadable to your face, it doesn't have a smell and it also doesn't sting your face when you use it. When you first put it on you can easily see skin coming off then you scrub it all over your face to make sure all the dead skin comes off. I suggest you do this by the sink or inside the shower because it can be a little bit messy. When I rinsed out my face I was really surprised at how smooth it has become like baby soft smooth. I haven't used it that long so I cant say that if the other things it claims to do really does do it but I will continue to use this product for now and see what more it can do for my face. I give this product a score of 4/5 as am really satisfied with it. 

You can see more reviews from Birchbox website about this product. And if your interested in buying this product and you are a Birchbox subscriber already you can get points on purchases from their online store and their are also avail promotions going on now that you can get gifts with purchase like Gillian Flynn's books with a $35 purchase. If you haven't subscribe yet to Birchbox and is interested to try it out you can use my affiliate link here if you like. I think you can also purchase this at Ulta and Nordstrom you can consult on Real Chemistry's website about that.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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