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Beauteque February 2015 BB Bag Review

 I received this bag free in exchange for my 100% honest review.The BB bag is a subscription bag where you will receive 7 full sized luxury products with at total value of $65-85 in each bag. The products are a combination of beauty, skincare and lifestyle products. They ship anywhere in the USA, Canada, and Europe. 
You can subscribe the monthly bag here.
Each bag costs:
$24 + shipping for 1 month or for 3 months subscriptions
$23 + shipping  for 6 months subscriptions
$22 + shipping for 12 months subscriptions
Shipping charges:
$3.95 for USA
$5.95 for Canada
$8.95 for Europe

Here is what I got for February BB Bag. I like the bag for this month its very classy looking and you get to put a lot of things inside.
Bag Description
Hello Beauty,
Have we got a sweetheart deal for you this month with these products! You will fall in love with this collection of beauty goodies-consider it the heart-shaped box of chocolates you'll give your skin and hair this Valentine's Day!
XO, The Beauteque Team
A'pieu NonCo Tea Tree Emulsion
Full size $12.99
What I think so far...
I like tea tree my acne prone skin loves it so I am looking forward I trying this with my LJH tea tree essence. This has a slightly strong scent of tea tree but it doesn't bother me at all, it disappears after application. The emulsion is slightly sticky after application though but when I layer it with my Etude House Light Face Conditioning Cream it takes away the stickiness. I think this helped out with some of my hormonal breakouts at the moment so will definitely keep on using it.
E Choice Ceramide Cream
Full size $14.99
There are two options for this either Peptide of Ceramide and I choose the latter. I like multi-purpose products like this which functions as a softener, lotion and cream. This said to contain Ceramide which acts as a glue that holds the skin cells together, so replenishing is a way to protect the skin, help it act and look younger. Upon application this is slightly sticky but under my Etude House Light Face Conditoning Cream the stickiness also disappwars. So far I think this makes my skin firmer but will continue using it to see if I really like it.
NextBeau Wrinkle and Daylight and Hue Arbutin Essence Mask
Set of 2 sheet masks 
Full size $5
What I think so far...
I love getting sheet masks as they are my favorite facial treatment and I do it as often as I can. I have tried the NextBeau mask and I really liked it very moisturizing and after using it I felt firmer skin and I like that it doesn't have a sticky residue after. I used the NextBeau mask together with the Etude House eye mask.
√Čtude House Collagen Eye Patch
Full size $3.99
What I think so far...
I like the eye mask its well soaked with the essence and also it help with the puffiness and also moisturize my under eye area.

Above picture is before appplication and below picture is after application.
Hair Spa Towel
Full size $9.99
I love getting useful accessories from my BB bags last month it was an eyes mask and this month its a hair towel. It's very useful when you don't wanna use a regular towel for drying your hair. You can also use this when you apply hair masks or just want you hair out of the way when you just got off the shower. 
It's skin Mango White Lip and Eye remover
Full size $5
What I think so far...
I really love the scent of this tissue wipes they smell of a sweet mango with a floral scent. Although the quality of the tissue paper is really thin compared to some wipes that I have tried, it still does it's job of cleaning my face, but I haven't used this when removing my makeup yet so will see how it does.
Tony Moly Petit Art Mist
Romantic Pink
Full size $12
What I think so far...
This has a very light floral scent and since its like a body mist, the scent doesn't last that long. I am really not a fan of body mist but I can still use this at work where I don't like wear my perfumes so this would be perfect for that.
Skinfood Black Bean Eye Brow Pencil Brown
Full size $11
What I think so far...
I love eyebrow pencils that are retractable and have a spoolie at the end I know I will be using this now that I have used up my previous eyebrow pencil. So far, I am really loving this very light color so don't have to worry of applying too much and it blends well on my eyebrow color.
I found things in this bag that I really found useful for my everyday life so I am satisfied in terms of contents. But I think the curation of the bag is a bit all over the place when I think of Valentines and giving yourself pampering like what the description of this bag is describing, I think of things that would pamper my skin. I was thinking of maybe sleeping packs, wash-off /mud masks, hair treatment masks, nail masks, foot masks, and bath bombs, things that you can do to treat yourself and feel and look great after.

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