Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Beautuque Head to Toe Pink Bag Review

I received this Beauteque Head to Toe Pink bag in exchange for my 100% honest review. I am sorry that I am posting this late since it was announced on Feb 14 I got the bag a little late this month, but since late is better than never, here is my review for this month's Head to Toe bag. ^.^ This bag is not a subscription bag service but you can purchase this separately whenever you want and how many you want until the end of February 2015. You can purchase it here and it costs $25 + shipping which varies on your location if you are in the USA, Canada, and Europe. You can find out more about Beauteque here.
Bag description
The Bag Of Love...
You don't need to visit the city of love when the bag of love is waiting for you at your doorstep! Fall in love with the bag of love, this month. filled with pink treats from us to you. Glam yourself with our Head to Toe Pink bag, which includes a variety of beauty productsperfect for an afternoon out with friends, or a night out with that special someone!
The Beauteque Team

I am loving the bag design this month its very fitting for a Valentine's theme bag.
Here is what I got in my Pink bag! ^.^
Hada Senka by Shiseido Lotion 
Full size $15.95
What i think so far...
I have never tried anything from Shiseido before so I am really excited to get this. I have tried it already on my hands and its very lightweight my skin absorbs it right away and its very moisturizing. From what I know about this products is that it has hyaluronic acid and royally jelly and that this is used as a moisturizer in the winter months for dry skin, but since its lightweight I think I can still use this on my oily skin.

It's skin Capsule Wash-off Mask (Elasticity)
Sample size $2.50 ea
What I think so far...
I have seen and heard of this wash off masks but I have never tried it, this particular type is to help with elasticity and moisture of the skin and its made of pomegranate and shea butter. I am looking on trying this out soon! ^.^

Etude House Sleeping Spoon Cream (Rosehip)
Full size $3.95
What I think so far...
Although this is a one time use only product this is technically full size as this is how Etude House are selling this sleeping pack cream. This contains extracts from rosehip, lavander, chamomile and mint and its said to provide hydration to the skin overnight. I love the brand Etude House and I have been meaning to try this out for some time so I am really happy in getting it wish that they included more than one though! ^.^
Femme Couture Highlighting Luminizer
Full size $11.55
What I think so far...
I have heard the brand name before I think from other beauty subscription boxes but I personally haven't tried this brand before. And since its a highlighter/luminizer I was expecting a cream consistency but I was surprised that it was runny when I opened it, and it turns out you have to shake it before opening and so I ended up with a mess on my hands (picture below). But I think even though you shake it before opening the consistency of the products was still runny, and it such a pain to squeeze out the product without making a mess. I think package wise they should have opted for a bottle with a brush like what Benefit did with the high beam. The product was glittery pink and it gives you a subtle glow on the cheekbones. I like it but I think I need to transfer it to somewhere else before I can use it to avoid making a mess.
Blending Sponge
Full size $15.95
What I think so far...
I love that they included this on the bag I have been needing another blending sponge I have one that I bought from target and I think this is a little smaller than that which is great for reaching on the corners of the nose and under eye area. although this is a lot more pricier than my target one I am hoping that it performs way better. ^.^

Tony Moly Mascara
Full size $6.50
What I think so far...
I have never tried any Tony Moly mascaras before so I excited to try this. Mascaras should be changed once they dry out so I usually don't invest too much money on them so I am happy to get this as a backup when my current one dries out.

Tony Moly Auto Lip Liner
Full size $7.25
What I think so far...
I love lip liner that don't need sharpening and I am loving this nude brownish pink shade (swatch below and also a picture of me wearing it on my lips) 

 I am loving the curation of this bag its a mixture of skincare pampering pre-date night and also makeup essentials for a date night look. And since I am single this is still perfect for gals like me when they wanna pamper themselves also and wanna look great with simple makeup look. ^.^ The overall value of the bag is around $66 which is not bad considering your only paying $26+shipping. I can't wait in what Beauteque has in store for next month's Head to Toe bag!

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