Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I woke up to this exciting news today!!!!! IPSY AUGUST GLAM BAG SNEAK PEEK #1 Pro-lips at your fingertips from start to finish with one of these awesome August Glam Bag items.

And its no other than the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick!!! I have compared the packaging for the new line of lipstick Urban Decay has with the old one in terms of packaging and I am really positive that this is the revolution lipsticks. My guess is for the color its BANG and CATFIGHT but am still not 100% sure about this.

So moving on to the lipbalms shown in the picture its no other than the Noya lip balm in cherry and vanilla. 

SNEAK PEEK # 2 Skin perfection is in session with one of these awesome August Glam Bag items!

This are from Michael Todd Organics and the judging from some rumors is that this are the Jojoba Charcoal Scrub and Pumpkin Mask . I will update you guys as soon as I confirmed that this is 100% accurate. 

SNEAK PEEK #3: Boost your look from good to glam with this eye-popping item!

This is no other than the PIXI Lash Booster Mascara  and it is available in color of blackest black and blackest blue.

SNEAK PEEK #4: Class is in session with TWO of these amazing items in your August Glam Bag!

a) Nailtini - Mai Tai (Note: To those that already received this in their previous glam bag you will not receive this again this month.)

e) NYX cream blush ( looks like its the hot pink color)

f) Mica beauty eye shadows earth colors ( am not sure if its the carnival or mushroom color)

SNEAK PEEK #5: Get ready to learn about what Glamour is all about this August. So this is the glam bag for the month of August super cute. I love that we get different makeup bag each month!

If you havent heard of IPSY you should definitely try them. Join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Michelle Phan curates the bags! Check it out here.

So for this month's bag you'll get:
1) Urban Decay Revolution lipstick or Noya lip balm
2) Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Scrub or Pumpkin Mask???
3) PIXI Lash booster mascara either black or blue
4 & 5) TWO of the ff:
 a) Nailtini Mai Tai
b) Pacifica alight BB cream
c) PIXI eye bright liner
d) City color cheek stain
e) NYX cream blush
f) Mica beauty eyeshadow
g) Smashbox photo finish primer


  1. Speculation is that the size is a deluxe sample size (0.04 oz) versus full size (0.09 oz) due to the fact that the shape of the head is different in the Ipsy reveal than in Temptalia's swatch pics. PLUS with today's reveal of Sneak Peek 1 the size appears to be the same (height) as the lip balm and if the lip balm is the same size as other lip balm tubes then the UD lipstick is definitely not a full size lipstick. Value of it would be around $9.78.