Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Generation Beauty experience

Last week I never would have imagined that I would have the opportunity to attend GenBeauty. It started out as a tweet to Michelle Phan that I really wanted to go but couldn’t coz I don’t have the money, it was $150 and no way was I gonna pay that much, and also I missed the opportunity to purchase tickets ahead of time for a much bigger discount. When I checked back on twitter Michelle tweeted back to me, I was so happy for just that little thing but that got me thinking more of the event. So coz I have plenty of time to fool around the internet I stumbled upon a COUPON CODE. ( Inside my head I was saying OMGdkfnkdjsbgkj!!!!!) So long story short I got to attend! And OW WOW! I really enjoyed it! It was such an AWESOME event! I got to meet other wonderful ladies that I can relate to, all the attendees, exhibitors, volunteers and staff were really kind and accommodating. And most of all ALL THE FREE STUFF!!! WOAH!!!!    And you get to have your make up and hair style done at the event. It was worth it sitting in the bus for almost 2 hours each time back and forth from home and LA Live Event Deck. It was worth the wait standing in line to meet all the AWESOME beauty gurus they were all so friendly and would really talk to you 1-on-1. This whole event has me really inspired and so I have decided to do a BLOG first ( coz am not sure yet if am ready to do a youtube video! :3). Am not an expert, I don’t have a formal education with hair and makeup but I am willing to learn and to grow. Michelle told me don’t worry if your a beginner at this you will learn little by little. That got me really inspired from her saying that to me. And also when God closes a door he opens a window. I feel that all signs are leading me to this path right now so am gonna pursue it and see what happens. Wish me luck! 


Here are some of the pictures I took from the event with my favorite beauty gurus and friends that I have met on the event.



And also they announced the dates for Generation Beauty 2014 Saturday, May 17, 2014 at 10:00 AM - Sunday, May 18, 2014 at 7:00 PM (PDT) Los Angeles, CA buy your  pioneer early tickets here for just $50 for a limited amount of time only.

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  1. What a lovely event, your hair looked cute. Xo

    1. The toni and guy booth actually braided my hair ^.^