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Beauteque March 2015 BB Bag Review

So here is the March Beauteque Bag and the theme for this month is "Our Lips are Sealed" I like the bag this month also with lip marks all over the bag very fitting for the theme. Below you can see the description card with the 7 products that are included this month.
I received this bag free in exchange for my 100% honest review.The BB bag is a subscription bag where you will receive 7 full sized luxury products with at total value of $65-85 in each bag. The products are a combination of beauty, skincare and lifestyle products. They ship anywhere in the USA, Canada, and Europe. 
You can subscribe the monthly bag here.
Each bag costs:
$24 + shipping for 1 month or for 3 months subscriptions
$23 + shipping  for 6 months subscriptions
$22 + shipping for 12 months subscriptions
Shipping charges:
$3.95 for USA
$5.95 for Canada
$8.95 for Europe

A'pieu Take My Hands Nail Sheet Pack in Avocado
Full size $5
What I think so far...
I have never tried a nail mask before but I did enjoy the hand masks from a previous bag so I am excited to try this out and see what it will do to my nails. The essence smells nothing like avocado but a sweet floral smell. The individual finger sheets fits nicely although the one for the thumb was tight on my fingers. There was enough essence that 15 mins was not enough to soak all the product. My nails felt soft and moisturized after the treatment over all I really liked it. ^.^

Tony Moly Mini Bling Pocket Hair Pack
Full size $3
What I think so far...
I think you can either get a hair mask or hair pack randomly but I got the hair pack. I am not sure though if this applies to dry or damp hair but I assume dry hair as it is a kind of a leave on conditioner type of treatment. The hair cap was only enough to soak the ends of the my hair and since I have long hair only the end was completely soaked when I removed the cap. Although nothing was noticeably different in the picture my hair felt smooth and moisturized when I ran my fingers through it. I wish though that there was enough products to cover my whole hair or I would rather use a hair mask instead.

The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Toner
Full size $14
What I think so far...
I like Ceramide because it strengthens the protective barrier of the skin. I am excited to try this out as a toner as I am still in search for a good toner. I tested out the pH and the color seems to be leaning toward ph 5 than ph 6 or maybe between them which is good since the skin's pH is around 5.5. 
Beauteque Pore Control Blackhead Brush
Full size $15
What I think so far...
The bristles are really soft and it doesn't feel harsh to the skin when I used it. Although I can't say if it helps because I mostly have sebaceous filaments than black heads and white heads on my nose but I will keep on using it still to exfoliate my nose.

Mizon Modeling Cup
Full size $8
What I think so far...
I have seen this mask before you put water to mix with the powder and it turns to a clay like texture that you put on your face and peel off when it gets dry, kinda reminds me when mixing cornstarch with a little bit of water. Be careful when you put on the mask, as its messy and don't let any of it go on your hair, its very hard to come off when it dries. I suggest that you do this mask before you shower so it easy to remove some bits that you can't peel. I really liked the peeling part and I felt it tighten my pores too a little bit and also my skin felt soft and smooth after the mask. This is a very fun mask to try out but its quit messy so be careful.

The Face Shop Massage Cream
Full size $12
What I think so far...
This cream contains Vitamin B which it says to revitalize and refresh the skin. I had never tried a product like this but I think this is like a cleansing cream that you massage on your face and rinse out with a cleanser. I think it removes makeup fairly well with irritating the skin and it has a slight herb smell to it but nothing too overpowering. I like that this is also easy to carry for travel purposes than oil cleansers, as I usually take my oil balms when at work so this is definitely going to one of my work travel bag essentials.

√Čtude House Look at my eyes cafe eyeshadow in Sweet Potato Latte
Full size $9.50
What I think so far...
This is the only make up item I the bag and it feels like it's an odd one out item together with the others, but I really like the color I picked out am looking forward on using it. The color looks like a taupe plum color this would be really good for a smookey eye or as a crease shadow.

The total value of the bag is $66.50 which is not so bad but I think this is the lowest value BB bag I got out of all that I have received since January. I still really liked the contents of the bag but I think it still misses something like adding a lipstick or lip treatments also since the theme is Our lips are sealed so I would kinda expect something for my lips as well. Over all I really enjoyed everything included in the bag. ^.^

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