Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Memebox Superbox #76 While You Were Sleeping Unboxing Review

This is two of three Memeboxes that I picked up from the review sale that I got a few weeks back. I never got this when it first came out and missed it so I never hesitated when they put it on restock. ^.^

Box Description
Say goodnight to all your imperfections with this luxurious While You Were Sleeping box! This night care recovery box bursts with skin, body and hair miracle workers that combat all signs of aging for a younger, brighter, more beautiful you. As aging and hormonal changes weaken skin, body and hair at their structural levels, even a full night's sleep can't provide optimal recovery, giving you a less than perfect look. Don't fret because this ultimate beauty box will regenerate, repair and replenish your beauty- all while you sleep! Skin will look younger and re-plumped and hair will be silkier and shinier- more beautiful than the day before!
Rosemine: Azulene Calming Gel
(Full Size Product: $29)
What I think so far...
I like this I should try this when I am having extreme breakouts would be useful too when I pluck my eyebrows to minimize redness and irritation. The texture of this product reminds me of aloe gels its unscented and no artificial color as well.
Grinif: Queen of Rose Water Eye Cream
(Full Size Product: $50) 
What I think so far...
I really love this eye cream that I have two backups of this now perfect for my oily eyelids because it has a very lightweight formula. This has a light scent of roses that I really love and this helps with the puffiness on my eye in the morning and I use it at nighttime too. The consistency of this is more watery than creamy which is perfect as it gets absorbed easily through my skin.
Dr. MJ: Jasmine Sleeping Water Mask
(Full Size Product: $24) 
What I think so far...
This has a very relaxing aroma because of the jasmine scent. It feels like a watery cream consistency and it absorbs well through the skin and makes it dewy. I am excited to try this I feel like I gonna be lulled to sleep by the scent. 
A.H.C: Whitening Specil Gen Skin Care Kit
(Solution, Serum and Cream)
(Full Size Product: $18) 
What I think so far...
I like the ingredients included I this green tea, lavender, sage, and rose hip oil. I have swatched the three on the back of my hands and they seems to absorb really well on the skin and not leave a sticky or heavy feeling on the skin. The sample size for each are fairly enough so you can try out the product for a longer period of time. I will try this out for my nighttime routine soon. 
Pure Smile: Potion Pack Hand in "Pearl"
(Full Size Product: $5) 
What I think so far...
I used it for 15 mins and my hands were really baby soft smooth after and the gloves were still soaked with essence that I let my mom try it too. The essence didn't felt sticky and was fully absorbed by my skin. 
Grinif: Shea Butter Multi Balm
(Full Size Product: $13)
What I think so far... 
This is one of those multi purpose balms that you can take when traveling because you an use it on dry lips, face and body and also damaged ends of the hair. I can't pinpoint what it smells like but its very subtle. And when I apply it to my lips it get absorbed easliy to the skin without leaving grease or stickiness.
Glam Up: Highly Enriched Ampoule
(Full Size Product: $2) 
What I think so far...
This hair ampoule has a consistency of that of a hair serum. I felt that it helped with giving more volume to my hair strands and makes it more shiny. I wish though that it  had some kind of scent with it though.
Mizon: Olive Cocoa Butter Foot Cream
(Full Size Product: $9) 
What I think so far...
Olive oil and cocoa butter tried and tested ingredients when it comes to hand creams and foot creams. I really love both ingredients for all my lotions. This foot cream doesn't feel sticky or greasy when you apply it on your foot. It gives immediate hydration on my foot when I apply it and it doesn't have a very notable scent.

The total value of the box is $150 but I only paid $32 plus shipping which is really a good deal. I decided to finally get this from restock as I really love the selection of products they put in this box. And  everything you can use from head to toe. I miss boxes like this hopefully Memebox would curate boxes like this again.

If your interested in buying through Memebox please feel free to use my affiliate link here. And thank you so much if you did. ^.^
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