Saturday, December 6, 2014

Membox Superbox #70 Thumbs Up! Bloggers Picks

I was dreading the day that I will receive this box and also in writing my review for this. I have this on regular mail and I have seen the spoilers in Instagram already so I was disappointed with this box but I have it on regular mail so it shipped on Nov 14 and I received it on Dec 2 which took 18 days to get to me which was fine as within that time my anger and disappointment for this box faded little by little but not totally gone yet.

Here are the contents of the box.

Evas Cosmetics Vitamin Cleansing Dessert in Berry Mix
Full size 130g $18

What I think so far...
This product is very interesting its like a cleansing soap but in mud pack like texture this was in the My Cute Wishlist 2 box. I am personally curious to try this product out.

Purebess Galactomyces 100%
Full size 50ml $15

What I think so far...
I bought this box because of this specific spoiler hoping that the box would contain products that I have read bloggers raved about and this was one of those products. This is like a toner which you just pat on your face like what you do with serums and essences and this is suppose to be very moisturizing on the skin but it is also lightweight. I can't wait to try this one out. This came in the Whole Grain box.

Sercret Key Color Recipe The Pink Cream 
Full size 55g $34

What I think so far...
This product I want to try too when I saw this on the Pinkaholic box which was on October. Since this moisturizer is in gel form I think this would be lightweight enough for my skin I would maybe use this on the summer as I tend to get more oilier than usual with the heat.

LadyKin Aqua Exfoliator for Body 
Full size 150 ml $14

What I think so far...
This was from the OMG 1 box back in September I didn't really hear any blogger raved about this one product but it ended up in this box anyway. Don't know how I would feel about this product aybe I would trade it of anyone wants it.

23 year old Air-laynic Pore Mask
Full size 1ea $14

What I think so far...
This was from the mask edition #3 box back in July and am not sure if I am really excited about this as from the reviews that I have read that it kinda stings the face so I don't know if I will be using this one at all.

Hair + Velvet Nutri-Injection
Full size 12ml $5

What I think so far...
I have received this product from the Jackpot box back in August while I liked this product this didn't strike me as something to raved about and I certainly didn't read any raved reviews about this particular product from other bloggers.

Croquis Dual Concealer
Full size 8.1g $27

N.S.M. ReBorn Tint in Reborn Sorbet Melting Tint R11
Full size 5g $18

What I think so far...
Another product that I never heard of blogger's raving about. I still don't now what to do with this I guess I would try it see if it's worth it to keep or just throw it away. By the way this came in Girls Night out box and Makeup Edition box respectively.

I would totally say that this is not worth my money I am still disappointed about this box they shouldn't have put blogger's pick as theme of the box as clearly this is not and also putting a spoiler for the box making people believe that this would be an awesome box because of the survey they did with lots of bloggers is clearly false advertising. I admit that most of the items in this box is worth the try but half of it is MEH! I am hoping this would not happen again as this feels like a box curated for the sake of clearing out stocks on their warehouse.

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