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Memebox Christmas Collection #1 Stress Free Holidays + Giveaway

I was pretty excited when they came up with a Christmas box so I thought this would be a great giveaway so I bought an extra value set and will be splitting it so that there can be two winners! ^.^ This box was said to contain full of easy skincare and body essentials to help keep holiday tension from taking over. 

Here are the contents of the box.
DD'ell Moisture Facial Mask 04 Gold Kiwi
Full size 23g $7

What I think so far...
I have never tried any Gold Kiwi mask before so I am excited to get this. I know Kiwi has a lot vitamins especially vitamin C which is a good anti-aging ingredient in masks.

Angel's Black Head Eraser
Full size 100g $12

What I think so far...
This says to contain 97% coconut extracts and is good for acne, blemishes, blackheads and wrinkles. I am not a fan of soaps but I think this would be worth a try for me as I have all those things except wrinkles not that as of yet! ^.^ I was expecting this soap to smell like coconut but it smells like a floral perfume scent to me.

Shara Shara Gold Label Repescargo Cream
Full size 50ml $41

What I think so far...
I am glad I got this as I like putting snail creams as a sleeping pack at night and with the retail price tag for this it pays for the whole box. I am excited to try this along with a long list of snail creams that I still have to try out! ^.^
Dipodeur Dress Perfume in Rose & Flowergarden
Full size 150ml $19

What I think so far...
At first this confused me as it says dress perfume so I was like HUH? But with it smelling like a Downy Rose scent fabric conditioner (if they do have that scent? I don't know ^.^) I think this is meant to be give a fresh scent to clothes that needs some refreshing. Like when I have clothes that I have not worn for a while and they get stale in the closet or a box. I wish I could have gotten the Lemon & Ylang Ylang though. I think this would be really useful to spray on my drawers and cabinets so that my clothes stay fresh smelling.

Recipe by Nature Ice Cream Swing Gloss in 01 Very Lovely
Full size 6g $6

What I think so far...
This is so cute! This smells like strawberry and cotton candy to me and I like it! I don't know if I wanna use it though as its super cute!

Neogen Neoday' Don't Cry Armpits Deodorant Perfumed Stick
Full size 15g $17

What I think so far...
First of all this deodorant is overpriced I personally wouldn't buy it. I don't use deodorant at all now coz I don't think I smell bad and I do shower every other day. I swatched it on my hands and at first it feels like petroleum jelly but once I rubbed it in it absorbed to the skin. Hmmm... this might have a chance to be a useful product after all! We will see. ^.^

I don't think that this is an awesome box but the contents of this one I must say is pretty useful. I got this with a value set and affiliate discount, memepoints and coupons so I cannot complain about the price. You get $102 worth of products which is not so bad especially with getting the Shara Shara cream.

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I would receive a small amount of commission from this in which I redirect all funds to able to review more products and services and provide you helpful insights and reviews. All the products and services in this blog is purchased by me with my own money and some little commission I get unless otherwise specified that the product or service was given to me for review purposes.

 This is gonna be my first giveaway so I am sorry that this would only be for USA only residents. I hope I can do an international giveaway soon though! ^.^ This giveaway is not anyway sponsored by Memebox, I paid and bought this with my own money.Please read the Rules and Guidelines (R&G) below before entering!  And by entering the giveaway you are agreeing with R&G concerning this giveaway. Good Luck and May the Odds be ever in your favor! ^.^

Rules and Guidelines
  • Open to USA residents only.
  • Must be 18 years old or older. If you are under 18 years old make sure to ask permission from your parent or legal guardian to be able to enter and receive the price.
  • The giveaway would run from Dec 13 2014 12AM PST up to Jan 5 2014 12AM PST. I am sorry if this is too long but due to my job responsibilities and I do work away from home I will have to extend this giveway up to the date that I will be physically present at home.
  • Feedurpassion (me) is responsible for verifying the winner and notifying the winner through email.
  • You can enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter. All entries will be verified and anyone who has multiple accounts will be disqualified.
  • Qualified entries would be randomly drawn. Winners will be notified within 24 hours when the contest closes. The randomly chosen winner will have 36 hours to respond to the email with your whole name and address, if not, another winner will be selected.
  • Feedurpassion (me) is not responsible for the products contained in the boxes, shipping, lost, damaged, stolen boxes or any other issues. And I am also not responsible for the actual products and ingredients included in the giveaway.
  • The winner is responsible for verifying the products and their contents and to determine the suitability of those products for their own needs. 
  • The giveaway prize will be sent first class mail with tracking to the winner within 3 business days as I do work on weekends.

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