Sunday, December 7, 2014

Memebox Superbox #78 Dirty Gal

I was really excited with the theme of this Memebox especially when the spoilers came out. This box is supposed to contain products which are so called "dirty" which is basically skincare that are messy to deal with but so worth it with the fun ingredients they contain. This is a Superbox so I would expect 4-9 full size products inside. This was shipped Dec 4 via UPS express delivery and I received it Dec 5 which is really fast so am happy! ^.^

Here are the contents of the box.
Cleomee Natural Donkey Oil
Full size 80ml $83

What I think so far...
I am really impressed by this product it contains a lot of oils donkey oil, olive oil, annato oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and macadamia oil. Wow! that's a lot of oils I have a really oily skin so as much as I want to try this product I may have to research more further before using this, coz if its not for my skin I may end up swap or sell this one.

Dr. MJ Real Mucin Restore Cream
Full size 50g $46

What I think so far...
 This product is suppose to be for damaged skin restoration and wrinkle-smoothing cream containing snail secretion filtrate. I am loving snail products they gentle enough for any skin type I am gonna use this as a sleeping pack at night time and see if it's light weight enough to use for day time too. I may be only be 26 years old but as early as now I am really into anti-aging skin care, the sooner the better ^.^

B&SOAP Mamie Blue
Full size 130g $29

What I think so far...
I am really excited to try this out its described as smurf facial mask because of the color and it contains peppermint and primrose oil. It like a mud mask to clear away dead skin cells and rid off skin impurities. I think this would be a fun mask to try! ^.^

Estethic House Mayo Pack
Full size 120ml $12

What I think so far...
This contains egg yolk extract and olive oil which are primary ingredients for Mayonnaise. I have never tried mayonnaise on my hair before as I think its too messy and I don't like the smell but with this product it says that their wouldn't be stickiness and bad smell, so I am really curious to try if that's the case. 

Pure Smile Muddy Girl
Full size 15g 2ea $2

What I think so far...
I am not sure which one I got from the selection of Mud Pearl and Kaolin but I am excited to try this I have seen this with other Memebox and I always wanted to try. It's nice that they included two of this very generous ^.^

I got this in value set so paid $21.80 because of Memepoints and a $10 off coupon and I got $172 worth of products so I am very happy ^.^ Even though I was disappointed with the Thumb's Up Blogger's Pick when I got this box I kinda felt better. I looking forward in using everything in this box hopefully the donkey oil too! This was part of the Golden Ticket giveaway but i just ended up with a $3 coupon I never had luck with winning anyway so I wasn't expecting anything. 

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