Wednesday, December 31, 2014

UNBOXING WARS Nerdblock vs Lootcrate Unboxing Review December 2014

I dont usually get the recurring subscription for Nerdblock and Lootcrate its when I only really like the spoilers. I  saw some spoiler on Instagram so I had to get it. LOL!

Here is what I got from December's Lootcrate
Lootcrate costs $13.37 a month + $6 shipping which consist of 6-8 products curated for the inner geek in you. ^.^ If you are interested in subscribing with loot crate please use my referral link here. And thank you in advance if you did so. ^.^
Exclusive The Joker Batman-Batman POP! Vinyl Figure (Funko)
Value $12
This is very exclusively made for Lootcrate so this is a Limited Edition collectible. I will be gifting this one as I am not that huge of a Joker Fan. 
Exclusive Dancing Groot Crew Socks (HYP Hosiery)
Value $9?
I love Groot! So I am happy to get this socks! And its perfect for the winter season Groot will keep my feet warm! ^.^
Exclusive Batman Comic Book Issue 36 (DC Comics)
Value $5?
I like collecting the comic books I get from Loot crate so I am definitely keeping this.
Value $15
This is pretty decent design of a wallet I will definitely gift this to Simpson fan! 
Ghostbusters Door Hanger 
Value $1?

Here is what I got from December's Nerdblock
Nerdblock costs around $19.99/ month if your going to just subscribe monthly but now they lower the price per block when you subscribe 3 mos up to a year. If you are interested in subscribing to Nerd block you can do so here
Double Shirts from Shirtpunch!
Value $10? each
I love both shirts that I received! I wish I had gotten the maroon shirt for the Harry Potter shirt but I guess because I subscribed late the ran out of the maroon and black color ones.
Value $10.35
Not so happy about this one I am not a fan. Didn't really liked the movies too. Will be giving this away.
Value $6-10?
Value $10.78
Val Kilmer signed Willow Print
Value ???
I don't what value to put here so I will leave it blank. 

With both boxes you get pretty much what you paid for plus more. I like that I got two shirts from Nerdblock which I both liked but the other items from Nerdblock didn't interest me much unlike the one from the Lootcrate. I usually wait fro spoilers from Instagram before I decide to subscribe for both subscriptionboxes unless they release are really cool spoiler that would lure me in. ^.^


Disclaimer: I purchased the boxes with my own money and this post contains links affiliate and external links.

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  1. Nice unboxing you got here! Can you do one on Fandora's Box?? Thanks :)