Saturday, December 6, 2014

Memebox Special Princess Edition Little Mermaid Unboxing Review

Since its The Little Mermaid I had to just get it coz she is my favorite Disney Princess of them all! I got this on standard shipping coz I wanted this one and it took 13 days to get to me which is pretty impressive I must say. This box is said to contain the best ingredients from both land and sea, I was expecting this to be like the Earth and Sea box that I really liked but missed out on.

Here are the contents of the box.
DD'ell Extra Vitalizing Serum
Full size 30ml $42

What I think so far...
I love serums especially when this particular one is free from 12 chemical ingredients such as paraben, artificial coloring, benzophenone, formaldehyde, paraffin, BHT and triethanolamide. I am not a chemist but I know for a fact that if I can't pronounce an ingredient I don't bother using it. I am looking forward in using this and its in my long list of serums to test out.

Pureplus + Bentonite Cleansing Soap
Full size $12

What I think so far...
I am not a fan of soaps coz they are messy to deal with not unlike liquid and foam cleansers but this soap smells so wonderful to me that I am really tempted to use it. It has a powder fresh scent that I like and I have never tried a products that has cocoon silk ingredient so I am looking forward in using this.

Mizon Hyaluronic Ultra Sunboon Cream
Full size 45ml $19

What I think so far...
I recently learned that Hyaluronic acid is really good for moisturizing especially if you have oily skin like me coz its lightweight enough so I am really excited using this in my skin care routine especially this winter as I tent to have an oily face but there would be some dry patches on some parts of my face. And Mizon is a very well established brand that I have always wanted to try.

Grinif Collagen Aqua Peeling Gel
Full size 120ml $20

What I think so far...
I love peeling gels coz I have blemishes and it the only way that it can fade much more faster than using brightening moisturizers. I hope this gentle enough on my face but most of the peeling gels I have gotten from Memebox are gentle and doesn't sting my face so far. I love the Grinif brand I have been using the rose water eye cream from While you were sleeping box which I got from a trade in Memebox addicts facebook group and I am really loving it.

dearberry Pure & Popular White Clay Pack
Full size 100g $12

What I think so far...
With an oily skin I love clay masks as they tend to dry my breakouts much more faster and really unclog my pores. I have never tried this particular clay mask but I am excited to try it as soon as I can. ^.^

Pure Smile Original Mask Sheet in Pearl
Full size $1

What I think so far...
I have just recently hopped on the sheet mask wagon and I am looking forward to pampering my skin at night now maybe 3 times a week so I am really excited to explore sheet masks and see what I like. I have a sheet mask haul coming from Memebox so I am really excited about that and I will be posting my reviews here on my blog as soon as I can.

I paid $33.70 for this box and got $106 worth of products all of which are full size, I am really happy with the cu-ration of this box I am looking forward in using all of it. I was expecting something like the Earth and Sea box coz I missed the restock for it but I am pleased either way with getting this.

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