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This is the first box that I have purchased from MEMEBOX I have been curious about the subscription boxes because of Sam Schuerman because she has been doing unboxing of MEMEBOX at her youtube channel and I saw that products are great. The service appealed tom me because you get to pick which box you want whenever you want them you don't need to do it every month, but mind you this stuff is addicting. For who are interested in doing the service now is the chance because if you SIGN UP you can get 3 memepoints right away which is $3 that you can use towards your purchase. I mostly post memebox spoilers and links to vip deals right away on my INSTAGRAM page so be sure to check that out also.

What pissed me off a little bit at first is that the info card together with this box doesn't contain the right description of the product. I contact memebox about it but nothing so I opted to just go to the web to research it until the memenox website released the description of the products on their site.


1. THE SKIN HOUSE Pore Control Powder Serum 50ml Full size product: 50ml, ($28)
This Pore Control Powder Serum works to immediately tighten and minimize enlarged pores for a smooth and matte skin texture. It also prevents skin’s oil/moisture imbalance by maintaining it silky soft.

Apply a small amount of the serum over your face and neck and lightly press on with your hands for full absorbance. 

I liked this product since I have oily skin when I used the product my skin just absorbed it and I observed when I used it I got less oily than usual. It doesn't eliminate my skin from being oily but it helped a bit with excess sebum in my face throughout the day and mind you it's summertime here in California so during this season I get really oily and sweaty so this product really saved me from that.

2. LAILLY +36.5 Steam Pore Pack 50g Full size product: 50g, ($28)
Lailly’s unique pore pack uses hot steam effect to open up the pores and clear the skin of any wastes, impurities, sebum, and blackhead piled up in the pores, leaving your skin deeply cleaned and moisturized as well.

Spread the pack adequately over your face and after 15~20 minutes, rinse off with warm water. Then, continue with your usual skincare routine. 


This is one of my favorites from this box because when I use this mask weekly my whiteheads and black heads were removed considerably, and when you put it on you feel a hot sensation in your skin and I swear I see my white heads pop out of my pores not the blackheads  though because the mask is color black, sounds yucky but trust me you want it to do that. My skin feels smooth also after I wash it off and little goes a long way when I use it.

This product is available now with Lisa Pullano's (BeautySplurge) Memebox collaboration box so I suggest you get it before it's gone.

3. CHAMOS ACACI Matte Pore Primer 30ml Full size product: 30ml, ($20)
This Matte Pore Primer instantly absorbs into your skin and provides a smooth, matte, and velvety layer across the skin in order to smooth out enlarged pores and even out uneven skin tone. It contains salicylic acid which works to sterilize and disinfect the skin for a mattified finish.


This is my second favorite product because this primer reminds me of my two favorite primers of all time that have been combined into one product. For the mattified finish it reminds me of Benifit's porefessional even the color and consistency of it. For the salicylic acid it reminds me of the CoverFX primer that I bought from sephora that not all mattifies your face but also has salicylic acid which helps on fighting pimple breakouts in your skin. 


After cleansing your face, apply a reasonable amount over your face and massage it onto your pores. 

4. SECRET KEY Black Out Pore Clean Remover 100ml Full size product: 100ml, ($38)
Enriched with white clay and black charcoal, the Black Out Pore Clean Remover works to reach into your pores, remove all blackheads & whiteheads clogged up, moisturize, and tighten up the pores all in one!


Wet a cotton pad with the product and place it over your nose or any other area with excess blackheads & whiteheads. Wait for 10~15 minutes, remove the cotton pad, and use a cotton tip to remove any extracted blackheads and impurities on the skin.


This toner was so-so to me I haven't decided yet if I really like it or not but when I use it the cotton swab really picks up a lot of sebum and dirt from my face. I don't hate it but I don't love it either.

5. AQUA BEAUTY Pore Zero Blackhead Remover 50ml Full size product: 50ml, ($34)
The soft silicone massaging brush attached and the all-natural essential oil included will effectively and easily remove any blackheads and oils clogging up the pores, making your skin brighter and shinier overall.

First turn the brush counter-clockwise to open it, squeeze out the essential oil from within, and then massage it onto the nose or any other areas with excess blackheads. After 1~2 minutes of massaging, rinse off with warm water. 


This product I hate because the brush at the end is hard on my skin it doesn't help exfoliate my skin and I don't see how it can help with whiteheads and blackheads. The consistency of the liquid is also sticky to the face so am really not loving it.

6. TOSOWOONG Deep Pore Foam Cleansing 100ml Full size product: 100ml, ($12)
The mild formula and abundant foams work to cleanse away all skin impurities, specifically targeting enlarged pores and sensitive, troublesome skin. Various plant extracts such as green tea, mulberry, and portulca extracts also helps clean, soothe, and deliver vitamins deep into the skin.

It’s best used with a pore brush. Take a reasonable amount of the foam cleanser onto the brush and massage gently into the skin. If without a pore brush, massage using your hands. Then rinse off with warm water. 


This the third product that I really loved from this box because when I use it at night it really feels like your skin is squicky clean from all the make up and dirt that your face accumulated throughout the day. 


Am really overall satisfied with this box because I like all products except one. I paid $44.58 for this box that includes shipping and I got $160 worth of products from it. Since this box is already sold out the BLACK HEADS NO MORE box and TEA TREE COSMETICS box is a really great choice also if you have oily skin like me and have a lot of black heads, pimples and blemishes. I don't know how long will it be available but make sure to purchase it before it solds out.

Discalimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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