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Memebox Luckybox 8 Restock Unboxing Review

This is my first Luckybox ever from Memebox and I bought it in a restock almost three weeks ago. It should have arrived Wednesday last week but for some reason our regular mailman quit his job and they cant find my package, it turns out it got sent back to the sorting facility in Los Angeles so they have to then bring out back here to me in Santa Fe Springs. But finally I have it in my hands!!! LOL!!! Waiting for regular mail is really a pain but this box was worth the wait for me. ^.^

For those that are not familiar with Memebox it is a subscription box type of service where you get to choose themed boxes catered to your specific taste may it be makeup or skincare. In a Luckybox you would expect 4-9 products in a mixture of full size and deluxe size, and the products featured here include best items included in past memeboxes.

Here are the products included in this box. You will notice that some descriptions for the other products are wrong. This kind of thing happened to me twice with this box and my Pore Care 3 box also.

O& Soap Berry Bubble Cleanser
Full size 100ml $13

Product Description
Saphonin from the zest of soap berry is known to have excellent cleansing effect and was even used by Indians as a soap cleanser. The soap berry together with mineral water creates bouncy-textured bubbles to thoroughly remove all residues, dead skin cells and sebum for a naturally-glowing complexion.

What I think so far...
I love trying cleansers and this product is really interesting that it contains carbonated water. I am really excited to try this I have oily skin and large pores so throughout the day my face gets really icky with dirt, sweat and makeup that your really need a good cleanser to wash it all off your face, otherwise I will get acne breakouts. 

SN-T Goddess Cream
Full size 50ml $19

Product Description
 Its non-greasy formula and all-natural ingredients, SN’s T Goddess Cream revitalizes the skin’s natural hydration and soothes problem areas including redness, dark spots and acne. Anti-inflammatory madecassic extract has been shown to effectively clear breakouts, improve skin tone and help protect the skin from impurities.

What I thin so far...
This is the primary reason that I bought this box I really wanted to try this cream. I have heard a lot of great reviews about it from fellow memebox addicts. I have been using this for the past few days and it really it a lightweight moisturizer perfect for my super oily skin it absorbs really quickly and a little bit goes a long way in terms of application. I had really bad break outs and I think this helped in conjunction with my LJH tea tree essence and Vita propolis ampoule. I love the fresh scent also of this cream.

Dear by Enprani Moistfull Booskin
Deluxe size 65ml around $16

Product Description
This an essence serum that delivers deep hydration and nourishment. This used as a first step for your skin care routine, apply an adequate amount of layer evenly over your face using your hands, dabbing on the product for better absorbance.

What I think so far...
I have never used this kind of cleanser before I got another kind of this on my Jackpot box the Tosowoong Time Shift Toner I am curious to try both and see if it agrees with my skin.

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cinema City
Deluxe size 10ml around $10

What I think so far...
This doesn't need any product description its pretty self explanatory. I like trying out CC creams coz they are lightweight and they have SPF this has 30. I have not swatch it still saving it for later am still using another CC cream right now, I am exited to try this ever since I  saw it one of Michelle Phan's youtube videos where she discussed the Korean cosmetics she bought when she was in Seoul. 

Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint 02 Red
Deluxe size 1.5ml around 0.50cents

What I think so far...
I love lip tints they have a great staying power and have great cover pay off this has both of that it's a bit drying on my lips so just put a lip balm over it.

Derma B Daily Moisture Body Lotion
Deluxe size 100ml around $4

What I think so far...
I an definitely get I use out of this product I usually use this as a back up lotion when I travel.

Ryo Anti-Hair Loss Treatment
Deluxe size 50ml x 2ea around $6

Product Description
Infused with biota seed, coix seed, green tea and gold extracts, this hair treatment will not only prevent hair loss but also re-energize and strengthen thin, damaged hair. It’s excellent cooling formula will gently soothe and nourish your scalp at the same time.

What I think so far...
I am curious to try this product I know that hair fall out is relatively normal but sometimes with my long hair its a little bit messy in my room and in my bed with all the hair I am shedding! LOL!

T.P.O. V-Line Banding Mask
Full size 2ea $2

Product Description
Infused with hydrolyzed collagen, adenosine, caffeine and other elasticity inducing and skin firming ingredients, this V-line banding mask will smooth out the contours of your face for more youthful and baby-faced look, while hydrating and soothing dry and damaged skin.

What I think so far...
This is pretty interesting I would definitely try this mask I dont have sagging skin under my chin but I think it would be just fun to try this! LOL!

I purchased this for only $23.97 and I got around $70 worth of products which is a super great deal! All of the products I would definitely use, so far this is a really great first Luckybox for me. ^.^ 

My next Luckybox purchase is the Super Luckybox 11 really hoping this box would be a huge hit it ships out on Nov 26. And also they are doing a Luckybox bundle right now with one time shipping charge.

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