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Enriched with plant emollients, herbal extracts and vitamins, this ultra-rich creamy body butter provides relief from dry, rough skin. Vitamin E natural antioxidant provides protection to your skin, while shea nut butter gives long-lasting hydration. Just drift away on a cool breeze of delicate jasmine and aromatic rosemary blended with lavender, bergamot, ylang-ylang, oakmoss, patchouli and fir. Inspired by Patagonia’s snow-capped mountains and blue lagoons, this fresh scent inspires a soothing sense of calm.

What I think so far...
While I like it as a product I specifically said in my Ipsy quiz that I dont want lotions I did checked back to my quiz and yes the lotions was unchecked but they still ended up sending me this. So minus points for me on that. This has a nice scent though and really moisturizing on the skin I still used it for my feet. The full size of this products retails for $28  but the sample size costs around $4.15.

A unique exfoliant which removes excess dirt and dead skin cells all while activating collagen production and hydrating your skin. This moisture rich formula utilizes mild, non-irritating and anti-bacterial cleansers with micro-fine polyspheres which enhances skin texture and clarity for a clean, fresh appearance. The Épicé Purifying Exfoliant is also great to use on the entire body and after just a few uses, you will begin to see improvement in the look and feel of your skin.

What I think so far...
I like exfoliants  I discovered one of my favorite exfoliant with my Ipsy subscription so I am excited to try this. The full size retails for $32 while the sample size is around $9.70.
Premium eyelashes made with 100% human remy hair. iENVY’s top 5 bestselling eyelashes include a mini glue that stays on until you take it off, but does not leave residue.

What I think so far...
I don't normally use fake eyelashes as I am really lazy to do it even though I need this coz I don't have long lashes, but I wish I would have gotten another product that I would use. This is a full size product that retails for $2.99.

MicaBeauty® Mineral Eye Shadows’ glamorous shimmers will give you the look you always wanted. MicaBeauty® Mineral Makeup is extremely gentle, free of preservatives, chemicals, dyes, talc, oils, and other fillers. With this unique formula, your Eye Shadows will look ultra-smooth and stay put for hours without creasing or pulling the delicate eye area.

What I think so far...
While I like the color of the eye shadow I am not a fan of the loose pigments as they are messy to use I wish I have gotten the Jessie's Girl eyeshadow instead than this. I may try and swap or gift this as I am not gonna use it.

Starlooks Lip Glosses are created with a truly moisturizing, luxury, non-sticky formula. This neutral-rose, yet glamorous shade provides the perfect glisten for any lip look and complements any skin tone! Can be worn alone or in combination with other Starlooks lip products for a truly customizable finish.

What I think so far...
Again with the Ipsy quiz I didn't put lip gloss as one of my choices in my quiz so what the hell are they thinking about putting this in my bag there were two kinds of lipstick in the choices this month the city color matte lipstick and noyah lipstick but I ended up with the lipgloss! Seriously?! The full size of this costs around $12 so I think the samples size is around $3.

Total Review
I only liked one of the product that I received with my Ipsy subscription this month. I wish I could have gotten the Ecru hair BB cream, Jessie's Girl eyeshadow, either the City Color or Noyah lipstick and the Skyn Iceland Cleansing Cloths. Over all the cost of the bag is roughly around $20 but I only paid $10.90 for this so its kind of a bargain when you thin about the price. But still I am not happy with my bag this month and with the theme Beauty Candy I would have expected them to put products that have a flavor, smell or color of a candy. It is such a shame that when I started blogging again this happens hopefully next month would be great.

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I just started with my first Birchbox subscription this month so I am so excited! Here is what I got.

Best-selling elixir that locks in color, protects from heat damage, and adds silkiness.

What I think so far...
I am loving this product the scent is like cupcakes its sweet and I love it I use it on my damp and dry hair to detangle and it makes my hair smooth too! I love that its a multi-purpose product and the smell is so addicting! I smell so delicious with this in my hair! The full size of this is $21.95 so I think the sample size would be around $6.

Versatile range of rose-tinted shadows that will round out your beauty arsenal.

What I think so far...
I love the shades in this palette this would be perfect for fall. I haven't tried any rose tinted shadows yet, I am excited to incorporate this to my current makeup routine. The full size retails for $19.95 this sample I thinks costs about $1.

The high shine gloss delivers color packed with moisturizing, antiaging botanicals.

What I think so far...
I am not really a big fan of lip gloss so much this is no exception I would prefer a lipstick or lip stain than gloss. The full size retails at $24 but I think the sample size is really super tiny I would say it cost around $2.

Two in one cleanser and exfoliator that rejuvenates skin and smells deliciously lemony.

What I think so far...
I wish they could have made this much more bigger sample coz it only good for like maybe 2 uses, but I like that its a cleanser and exfoliator in one. The full size of the products costs $32.95 the sample costs maybe around $3.

Loaded with nourishing botanicals, this green tea and lemon lotion absorbs in a flash.

What I think so far...
I don't really wanna get hand creams from my subscription boxes and also I just use regular lotions but there is no way in my profile I can state that so I can still use this as a travel size hand cream. I wish I had gotten the beauty blender instead of this coz I so wanna try that for a while now. I like the scent of this hand cream though but it is now fast absorbing as they say in the product description, it kind of feels oily when I apply it to my hands. The full size of this product is $10 but the sample cots around $5.

Total Review
Out of the five samples that I received with Birchbox I am only not interested in one of the products. I love the product variety they give in every box. With paying only $10 I got around $17 worth of samples in my box. I am really satisfied with my first Birchbox and I am looking forward to my next month!

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