Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Memebox Superbox 1st Anniversary Box and Pumpkin Cosmetics box

This ultimate K-Beauty box is bursting with the most talked and most wanted K-Beauty buys – everything from skin care, makeup, hair, plus more beautifiers that make it super simple to look drop-dead gorgeous! Perfect to give as a gift for the coming holidays, (or perfect to give as a gift to yourself), this box contains everything tailored to your K-Beauty needs! 1st year anniversaries only come once, and we're gonna make sure that it makes a mark in K-Beauty history! Shipping starts Dec12.

What I think so far...
It's an Anniversary Box so I think Memebox would really be careful in curating this particular box. This would cover a wide variety of products skin care to makeup in my opinion this basically like a Memebox Global turned into a Superbox which means this will contain all full-sized products. I am still thinking about getting this one am still half sold on my decision.

UPDATE: The Customer Service confirmed that products in this box will be all new that we have never seen from previous memeboxes.

This beauty recipe takes pumpkin pie to a whole new level! With a drizzle of beautiful, a sprinkle of gorgeous, and a whole lot of amazing, this Pumpkin Pie Cosmetics box contains all the yummy, beautifying ingredients that you’d find in a pumpkin pie!

October and November calls for a big o’l pumpkin celebration, and while you probably won’t be thinking about the beauty benefits that pumpkins while you’re devouring a delish pumpkin pie, you’ll want to hoard all the pumpkin that you see this season once you discover the AMAZING beauty boosts that they give! Plus, the other yummy ingredients that consolidate the pumpkin pie will seriously get you hungry for more beauty! Shipping starts Dec12.

What I think so far....
Well pumpkin is a good has anti-inflamatory and anti-bacterial properties so if its gonna contain face masks that would be great to have it. It says also in the description that ingredients of pumpkin pie can be one of the main beautifying ingredients of the products in the box, I think these ingredients may be eggs, milk, and sugar. I am not completely sold with the theme of the box but it's to be expected as we are nearing Thanksgiving season.

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