Tuesday, October 21, 2014

UNBOXING WARS: Nerd Block VS Lootcrate October 2014

This month I caved in and got Nerd block and Loot Crate I have been hearing a lot about this subscription boxes and the nerd girl in me is happy I did! For those who are not familiar with Nerd block and Loot crate they are subscription boxes for geeks and nerds they contain a lot of gaming, comic book, and  sci-fi, anime, fanstasy movie toys and collectibles. The nerd block costs $19.99 + S&H which is like $30 while Lootcrate costs $13.37 + S&H which is about $19. 

I was tempted to buy the Nerdblock because of the teaser that Kevin Smith will curate the box this month  I know him from portraying the character of Silent Bob and also from the show Comic Book Men so I was sure this box was gonna be awesome! And also the theme of the box is Collide which will feature Marvel vs DC superheroes. What I got from the box are listed below:

Jay and Silent Bob Shirt $8

Deadpool Funko Pop $3

Marvel/DC Buttons $1.50, Kevin Smith Stickers $2, Zelda Dangler $1.50, Capt, America Cards $1.99, Arkham Asylum Sticky notes $2

What I think so far...
I love the shirt and how Jay and Silent Bob are dressed as Batman and Robin it is a good quality fabric too! I also love all the rest of the contents of the box I was not disappointed. With the price of $30 though I am not convinced its worth it. The Box is worth $20 but because of shipping and handling and with Nerd Block located at Canada it amounts to $10 already. While I am happy with what I got for this months box I am not sure if I will be purchasing another Nerd Block. I think I would wait for spoilers and see the early unboxing before I would buy the box coz $30 is a lot to cash out.

If you are interested in subscribing to Nerd block you can do so here. I will post coupons and teaser spoiler here in my blog of the upcoming November box.

Nerd block Teaser 1 
Boba Fett item


When I heard that they would include Walking Dead to this month's box I didn't think twice of getting it! I love Walking Dead! Here is what I got from the box. There were no price included with the product descriptions.

Death by Kitten T-shirt

How to Survive a Sharknado Book

Sledgesaw Hammer Pen 

The Walking Dead Issue 132 and Oh, Brother Art Print by JSalvador 

What I think so far...
I freaking love the shirt but I saw there was a hole on mine so I have contacted Lootcrate about it yesterday and they said that they will get back to me asap. I am hoping that they would replace it. I love that I got a Walking Dead comic and also the freaking sledge hammer pen is so awesome! I payed $19 flat for this box so I think with that one item its all worth it! I think the sharknado survival guide is pretty interesting to read. The Lootcrate product description booklet is also so cool it has a 3D art of the zombies.

I received some other stuff that you can not see in the pictures like the toxic candy waste which was opened and the candy was already out of the wrapper, which is fine with me coz I was not gonna eat it anyway, the slashes and bites tattoos are pretty cool also I can use it this Halloween, Smite gift card that I don't think I would use coz I don't play that game. Overall I am very pleased with this box and I think with $19 its worth it. I think I will continue with this subscription unless I am not interested with the teasers that they are gonna release this coming November. I will post teaser spoilers here on my blog so be sure to check back!

If you are interested in subscribing with loot crate please use my referral link here. And thank you in advance if you did so. For new subscribers you can use SAVE10 for 10% off your purchase.



  1. Nice unboxing :D Can you do one on Fandora's Box?? Thanks :D Happy holidays ;)

  2. Nice unboxing :D Can you do one on Fandora's Box?? Thanks :D Happy holidays ;)